About me

Name: Taya
Gender: female
Residence: Odessa, Ukraine
Date of birth: October, 24 1982
English level: fluent
Experience: since 1999
Education: Master’s degree

My latest clients:

Calvin Jones (USA)
Wilf Weinkauf (Canada)
Stephen Cosby (USA)
Chris Simmons (USA)
Daniel Chun (Korea)
Chris Winterfeldt (Germany)
Tom Alma (USA)
Martin Pike (USA)
Jay Parado (USA)
Tommy Wahlman (Sweden)
Nicholas Schneider (USA)

My likes: play piano, gym workout, R’n'B music, socializing, animals, nature, psychiatry, languages, Italian cuisine

If you choose me as your tour guide/interpreter, you would deal with a calm, easy going and helpful person ready to give a helping hand to you in all of your business needs, get you to understand Ukrainian culture and have stress free time whether on a vacation or a business trip.

Odessa is not only the tourist spot, see the town in the eyes of the locals, spend time in the countryside fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, jet skiing, wine tasting.

Night life and strip club lovers, erotic massage lovers might get what Odessa has to offer.

Abundance of beautiful women in Odessa should get you involved into trying pretty single lady guides for pleasure trips and may open the new views onto the Ukrainian culture.

Simple needs of a man on a vacation is finally understood and I am ready to help you guys meet whether it is your destiny, or lead you through your business needs, or simply see you enjoy yourself and have lots of fun!